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About US

PombosOnLine, is an enterprise dedicated to breed, sales, auctions and other pigeon's events.

PombosOnLine is an auction's percursor.

PombosOnLine is the face of a pigeon's skilled team, stated by the excelents results achieved on championships, through the last ten years.

What does we propose (Propound)

Present first class pigeons.

Breeder Center, endowed whith an huge selection of first class pigeon's.

Present to site's visitors, information about pigeon's couples, pedigrees, photos and developed lineage,

Breeder selection has been developed through last ten years.

Breeder selection progeny is based on sons, grandsons, brothers and/or champions itself.

Breeder center, owns nowadays, sons, grandsons and brothers of major national and international worldwide Champions.

On direct Sales, will be stated a fixed price, closed to photo and pigeon's details, for further acquisition.

Pigeon's auctions will display photo plus pigeon's details, and price will vary according to auction´s rules - Best Bid at Closing Time.

PombosOnLine is a friendly site, that intends to be a reference point exchanging ideas, experiments and informations. 

PombosOnLine yearn to develop a PombosOnLine Championship, and whatever possible.


The upmost garantee that PombosOnLine can provide, will be integrity and accuracy on all relationships and supplied informations.

Aware of envolved difficulties, PombosOnLine will stick to the lemma "Integrity and Quality"